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Accompanying text should be simple, no more than 200 words. Ideally, descriptions will create vivid emotional connections to the photograph by using the five senses to help describe the moment. Each submission should be a real moment from your life, and therefore the text should be non-fiction.

We hope that each submission will become a visual catalyst whereby the viewer is transported to an extraordinary space defined by each individual's past memories, thereby creating a future positive moment for them.

You may choose to employ a quote or poem in your text, but please provide proper credits to its author. Other options include your own poems - just be sure the caption is relevant to your photograph and attempts to catalyze an emotional response in the viewer.

What we cannot accept and/or publish:

  1. We understand these are different times, but we cannot accept captions and/or images that are inherently political, controversial, or antagonistic. This forum's mission is to provide enlightenment and joy through the evocation of positive energy.

  2. In addition, we do not accept any previously published photographs, texts, or captions by yourself or others.

  3. We do not accept submissions written and authored by others. Please only submit work authored solely by you unless the caption is properly cited.

  4. We only can accept submissions written in English.

We receive a large volume of submissions, and therefore we sadly cannot publish every one. Submission acceptances will be contacted within a couple of weeks. You will only be notified if your submission is chosen for publication.

Please be patient with your submission. If you haven't heard from us, it is likely your work has not been chosen. We kindly ask that you do not contact us to ask for updates or feedback regarding your submission. Authors can submit more than one post, but please do not resubmit the same content.

If your post is published by us, we will require a signed "Authors Agreement" (insert link), which grants our site the non-exclusive rights to publish your photograph and text. This means that you retain ownership of your story or poem, but you grant us the rights to publish it and use it again in any future. Each author will be credited with the caption/text as follows: Post copyright by Harry Smith 2020.

Five Submission Categories

with Sub-Categories:

  1. Joy

  2. Laughter

  3. Love

  4. Inspiration

    • Goals and Dreams

    • Motivation

    • Awe

    • Hope

    • Gratitude

  5. Extraordinary Occurrences

    • Miracles-The Unexplained

    • Acts of Service

    • Courage-Everyday Hero

    • Compassion

  6. Gratitude

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